​Our Commitment Remains: COVID-19 Update from RBC Group

​Our Commitment Remains: A statement from Vanessa Hodgson, RBC Group Director, Marketing and Communications


We are in unprecedented times. As you are aware, the outbreak of COVID-19 is a fluid and rapidly evolving situation — RBC Group has been closely monitoring all developments, including updates from the Department of Health, the World Health Organisation, and the United Nations.

First and foremost, the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, and communities is of paramount importance to us and remains our highest priority. We have carefully implemented a number of precautionary measures to manage the risks associated with COVID-19. We are also continuously providing comprehensive guidance to all employees in respect of the current state of the disease, the need for strict adherence to social distancing, the importance of respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene, and the restriction of all non-essential travel.

​Our Commitment RemainsAt RBC Group ​Our Commitment Remains

At RBC Group ​Our Commitment Remains: We are striving to operate a business-as-usual policy, but we are presently working at a reduced capacity. While remaining extremely vigilant and complying with Public Health England’s safety guidelines, we are pooling our resources and doing our utmost to support customers affected by the government-mandated restrictions. It’s of vital importance that we enable our customers’ businesses to continue operating as effectively as possible: as a leader in logistics, our responsibility behoves us to plan assiduously for challenges and disruption and continually adapt our operations — it is what you entrust us to do and Our Commitment Remains.

To mitigate the impact to our customers, we have worked diligently to introduce a raft of policies to help maintain the continuity of our business and provide the exceptional service you have come to expect from us. It’s evident that logistics lays at the intersection of various industries and plays an indispensable role in keeping hospitals, supermarkets, and — ultimately — communities functioning, with minimal interruption. Our employees are working tirelessly around-the-clock to keep our fleet of trucks running, our warehouses full, and freight flowing across the breadth of the country and beyond.

We remain steadfastly committed to supporting you during this period of uncertainty. Our Commitment Remains. Our Crisis Management Team, comprised of leaders from across our business, is meeting on a daily basis and will continue to actively monitor and assess the situation. We will seek to update you as new information becomes available or if any escalation of safeguards becomes necessary. As always, we are available to help you through any challenges — please stay safe, be alert to the needs of others, and contact a member of our team if we can assist in any way.

We have also established an out-of-hours COVID-19 helpline for all customers. If you require immediate assistance, please call 07481147772

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