Bye, Bye Traditional Vending: Hello Micro Markets!

365 Retail Markets, in this advertorial, invites you to take a look at how far the vending industry has come and investigate how you can stake your claim in its innovative future…

365 Retail Markets
Way back when…

 It’s been quite a journey…

  • 70 years ago: insert coins into a coin mechanism, hit selection button of choice, pickup milk container
  • 40 years ago: insert cash in the cash accepter, scan over limited selection of confectionery and packaged goods through glass, select button of food choice, pickup snack
  • Today: walk up to an open micro market by 365 Retail Markets, touch and feel products, read nutritional information, scan payment app at self-service kiosk, enjoy fresh food and beverage

Years ago, we were buying milk and cigarettes out of vending machines. Cigarette vending machines were finally outlawed in 2011) Today, we’re enjoying fresh food micro-markets and vending machines that have expanded their scope from their ‘traditional’ items to dispense everything from pizza, to cupcakes, to sushi.

Although the vending industry has been around for ages and for donkey’s years didn’t seem to change much at all, these days it’s becoming more and more innovative and frankly, the rate of change is accelerating. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up to speed with vending trends, to ensure you’re providing the latest technology to your customers. If you don’t do it, somebody else will…

365 Retail Markets In the U.S., micro markets are replacing traditional vending machines because of their ability to provide consumers with an on-site, unattended retail environment in which they can purchase products from open shelves, coolers and freezers. In this exciting new world, 365 Retail Markets is leading the way.

Operators around the globe are now taking advantage of this big opportunity too, bringing a new kind of convenience to their locations.

365 Retail Markets: Three reasons why you need micro markets

They Provide Fresh, Healthy Food and Beverage Options

Consumer demand for healthy, fresh food is not a trend that will die out anytime soon. Micro markets from 365 Retail Markets give customers what they want, supporting and encouraging their health and wellness aspirations. The right food and beverage options will help keep employees productive and energized during their workday. Better yet, it keeps them on the premises during breaks, enabling them to maintain focus and increase productivity.

They Offer The Opportunity To Provide More Products And Generate Increased Sales

365 retail marketsMicro markets make shopping at work a reality. That’s why 365 Retail Markets, the global micro market partner, provides you, the operator, with more than just the technology. Our goal is to work with you to establish an exclusive convenience service partnership. Strategic partnerships can help with reaching your objectives, goals and more with a focus on introducing new growth opportunities. We’ll support you on every step of your micro-market journey.

They Improve Customer Satisfaction and Assist In Employee Retention

Workplaces around the world are looking for ways to upgrade their break rooms and work environments to help employees stay fueled throughout their workday, accommodate flexible employee schedules, and provide special perks to attract – and to retain – the right talent.

Maybe it’s time you took a closer look at micro markets to investigate exactly what they could do for your business…. Micro markets provide fresh healthy food and beverage options, which bring with them increased revenue and additional sales opportunities, whilst at the same time improving employee satisfaction and much, much more. Maybe it’s time to speak to 365 Retail Markets?

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