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Artificial Intelligence: Your Futuristic Round Up From Planet Vending.

Just when you thought artificial intelligence was sneaking a peek at Google during Quiz Night… Welcome to Issue 17 of Vending Insight, Planet Vending’s regular round up of tech stories that offers a glimpse of the future. Enjoy!


Yackety Yack – Do Talk Back! (The Conversation)

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence, or AI – can you see the future where you can talk to a vending machine and it will talk back to you? “Hello, may I have a packet of Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps and a Bueno please? Oh, and I’d like a bottle of water too.’  Meantime, how close are robots to having a proper conversation with you? Have a read and listen HERE (The Conversation)

Pay Peanuts Get… Robots! (Wall Street Journal)

So if its true, and we know this really, that AI is here and its going to replace humans in many of the repetitive work that we currently slave over (and get paid buttons in return), is there a solution? This essay from the Wall Street Journal by Kai-Fu Lee is a fascinating read.

“I look at the vending machine as principally an exceptional vehicle for branding and storytelling.” (

Also from the US this week comes a report on Fashion Week in New York and the relevance of Fashion, social media and the ability to buy is changing, prompting an increasing focus on data and storytelling. (Music to our ears at Planet Vending by the way!)  They had tap to pay contactless vending machines within the show in partnership with VISA.

Artificial Intelligence’Unless you happen to be standing in front of a vending machine that offers a digital way to pay for the latest designer outfit. And that isn’t really a joke – Visa’s experiment this week indicates that the vending machine is a place where fashion can live. It’s not a totally foreign concept – jewelry designer has been selling her high-end offerings through a vending machine for some time – and people are willing to make a four-figure vending purchase.” Read the whole article HERE

How Europe can improve the development of AI? (The Economist)

The two superpowers of artificial intelligence (AI) are America and China. Their tech giants have collected the most data, attracted the best talent and boast the biggest computing clouds – so how do we catch up? Full story, HERE

AI gliders learn to fly using air currents, just like birds! (The Verge)

Scientists are now using artificial intelligence to learn birds’ tricks, and hopefully, they can teach our aircraft to do the same. Get in a flap – or rather, don’t – HEREArtificial Intelligence

How Frightened Should We Be of A.I.? (The New Yorker)

Precisely how and when will our curiosity kill us?’ writes columnist Tad Friend. A number of scientists and engineers fear that, once we build an artificial intelligence smarter than we are, a form of A.I. known as artificial general intelligence, doomsday may follow. You may need your prayer mat / rosary beads HERE

What Is Artificial Intelligence And Why Does It Matter? (SAS)

While Hollywood movies and science fiction novels depict AI as human-like robots that take over the world, the current evolution of AI technologies isn’t that scary – or quite that smart. Instead, AI has evolved to provide many specific benefits in every industry. Your antidote the the New Yorker article is HERE

AI News (AI News)
If your fascination with all things AI knows no limits, you may already have discovered AI News. IF not, one of the Internet’s best AI news sources is HERE.Artificial Intelligence

Five Experts Share What Scares Them the Most About AI (Futurism)

Futurism is another fab Internet resource and this article is a cracker. Take a look, it’s HERE

BBC AI Articles (BBC)

A plethora of AI themed articles from the BBC can be found here, both articles and video clips. There’s even a diverting piece about the morality of AI written by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. It’s definitely worth a read, and it’s HERE.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

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