AVA’s Kennedy Procter launches AVA Futures at AVS Conference in Portugal

PV & OCS’ MD Yvonne Reynolds-Young paid a visit to the AVA in Wetherby to speak to young Kennedy about her new initiative – AVA Futures.

She was delighted to have been invited by the AVS to talk about AVA Futures during their annual conference held in Vilamoura in September. She admitted that as she stepped up onto the stage it was with more than a little trepidation, made worse when the original 36 chairs, doubled and then more than 100 people turned up to listen to her. Her presentation went down very well by all accounts and is hopeful for vending bosses to follow up by nominating some ‘young blood’ to join the group.

AVA Futures
David Llewellyn, Yvonne, and Kennedy.

We asked her for a little bit of background behind the launch.

“I genuinely want to make a difference in the industry. As a young female, I defy the current industry demographics and I want to be a part of the positive change that is inevitably going to come as the next generation arises. We have so much to learn from many successful people and established businesses within Vending but as ‘new blood’, we also have a lot to offer in return. It’s time we worked together to build on a promising future for Vending, using new innovative ideas but not forgetting our magnificent roots.

How can you get involved?

‘AVA Futures aims to engage The Next Generation of the Vending Industry by giving them a voice and a platform to openly discuss key concepts and ideas within the industry.

AVA Futures will be a group consisting of young employees of companies that are specifically AVA Members. Although there is no age limit to qualify to be a part of the group, it is suggested that employees with under 5 years vending experience or are considered to be ‘The Next Generation’, will get the most benefit from the group.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be an employee of a company that is an AVA Member.
  • Must have a managerial role within the organisation and/or be a part of the succession plan for the business.
  • Must be able to attend other vending events and/or meetings on behalf of their company.

The group will work on a Volunteer basis with 2 Scheduled Meetings per year, followed by a social activity and/or business event to encourage networking amongst the youth within the industry. Each volunteer will have the opportunity within the group to learn more about different and key areas of the industry, help predict and secure the future of vending and help move their business forward, increase their personal and professional profile within the industry and also organise events that will benefit their own company and others.

Volunteer Expectations:

  • To attend 2 Events per year (AVA Future specific)
  • Actively seek new opportunities that may benefit the group and/or members of the group.
  • To dedicate between 4-24 hours (dependent upon responsibility) per year on projects AVA Futures are focusing on at the time.
  • Be a spokesperson for the group and/or ‘The Next Generation’.

There has already been a lot of interest in the group and many have suggested topics for the group to focus on including a cashless society, lobbying, recycling incentives, selling of advertising space and much more. What the group will be capable of is still unknown as the possibilities are endless but also need to be agreed by every member of the group. This will all be discussed at the first official meeting on Tuesday 29th October 2019 in Leeds.

As the official ambassador for AVA Futures, I am currently looking for any employees within the industry that fit the requirements and can commit to the volunteer expectations.

AVA Futures

If you know of anyone within your organisation, please get in touch. Furthermore, if you have any ideas that may help or benefit the group in anyway or if you have any opinions on the group that you wish to share, please drop me an email or give me a call.

If you require any more information or have any questions, please contact me at: Kennedy.procter@the-ava.com
Or call me on 07936902249′

Kennedy is looking for nominations from all walks of vending life, not just from Vending Operators. If you’re an AVA member of any category, and have some talented young blood – please get in touch direct with Kennedy, or drop us a line here at Planet Vending

Did you read about Tyler? He’s a typical example of how if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. HERE


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