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AVA Futures Invites You To Educational Networking Day Focused On ‘Cashless’

AVA Futures invites YOU!


AVA Futures
By Kennedy Proctor, founder AVA Futures

After a successful meeting in January, at AVA Futures we’ve decided that our next meeting, scheduled to be held at the MK Dons Stadium on Monday 20th April, – the day before Vendex – will be ‘open to all’.

The group will be chaired by Elyas Coutts of Connect Vending and a committee of five individuals from  AVA Member Companies.  The committee will help run and organise events  going forward, including the continuing work carried out by AVA Futures.

The April get-together will be a real red letter day: AVA Futures has gathered information from Supplier members and added that to the expertise of Vending Industry experts to bring to AVA Members our inaugural ‘Educational Networking Day’.

Through the hard work and dedication of our members, AVA Futures has been able to get clear understanding of cashless payments including legislation, protocols and data currently operating in the industry. It became apparent from our first meeting that, as a group, we had varying levels of knowledge and. A steering group volunteered their time and after plenty of research, we concluded that the best way to tackle the future impact of cashless payments in the vending industry, is to share this knowledge with all AVA Members.

The Milton Keynes AVA Futures meeting, sponsored by 365 Retail Markets, will help delegates understand the role of alternative payment solutions. The event will consist of workshops and seminar-style talks on topics surrounding payment legislation and the effects they may have on vending in the future. We’ve brought together a stunning ‘cast’, comprised of leading payment suppliers. They will share their knowledge and answer your questions. What’s more, they’ll each run a workshop. The topics covered will include:

‘Legislation’, brought to you by Worldline

AVA Futures

Alan Taylor will be talking about Payment Initiation Service Providers and open banking services, including Banking Apps including Klarna that are changing the way in which consumers pay.  He’ll also discuss Strong Customer Authentication and the impact this will have on your daily routine. PCS DSS v4 & v5 – will this affect your business? And let’s not forget Brexit… There will be the opportunity to ask questions about the UK and EU Payment Legislation and ongoing alignment. Worldline will be bringing you all the latest updates on legislation, giving you the opportunity to understand how your business might be affected.

Data & Consumer presented by Payter

To be confirmed: you’ll know as soon as I do!

‘Convenience’, as told by VMC

Current protocols and machine hardware make the payment experience non-seamless for consumers but also, less convenient for Operators. With vending being a 24/7 sales environment, a contactless payment solution perfectly matches consumer demand for continuous and faster payments. It can increase spend and drive sales through impulse purchase, while value added services such as loyalty and promotions can enhance the customer experience and encourage repeat purchasing. For the Operator, simple installation and quick set-up are both crucial, along with back-office reporting and great support to maintain an efficient service. VMC representatives Laura Barwell and Chris Ives will help you explore the different options your business has making the overall experience better for you, your customers and consumers.

PSDv2 explained by Nayax

AVA Futures

Paul and Lewis of Nayax will explain the new legislation coming to card transactions in 2020 and how it will affect the Vending Industry. PSD2 is a new directive by the European Union to regulate the payment services industry within the EU market. The new legislation aims to better protect consumers when they pay, as well as promote the development and use of innovative payment methods. One of the enhanced security measures within the PSD2 is to oblige consumers to enter their card PIN code or other SCA (Strong Customer Authorization) measures, such as thumbprint authentication on mobile phones, after they have spend 150 Euros, or begin a 5th transaction. The choice is decided by the issuer, and it is our understanding that most, if not all, issuers will opt for the €150 threshold.

At AVA Futures, we’ll explore different options for operators and their consumers. We’ll talk about consumer behaviours, alternative payment methods and keeping the consumer informed, as well as technological innovations to minimise the impact in the unattended contactless market.

And thanks to our Sponsors – 365 Retail Markets

Micro Markets have played a significant part in influencing vending operators to reduce or completely remove cash from their locations. 365 Retail Markets will share data on account funding methods versus cash or card/account funding and demonstrate just how strong the influence is, even when cash is an option. Account users frequency increases when frictionless transactions take place and 365 will show how alternative payments align with Micro Markets in order to create value to the end consumer.

More details on each of these topics can be found on the AVA Website.

Thanks to Phil & Jenny Reynolds at Vendex, AVA Futures will be held at the MK Dons Stadium the day before Vendex, so if you have a stand to build, don’t worry! You can still attend as the meeting will be held just steps away. Better yet, get somebody else to do the donkey work 😉 !

Finally, a note from Elyas Coutts, Managing Director at Connect Vending and AVA Futures Chair.

AVA Futures
Elyas Coutts

‘ AVA Futures is a vibrant group that aims to explore, educate and engage with AVA members across a variety of topics that concern both the challenges and opportunities incumbent in our ever-changing industry.

Critically, AVA Futures wants to achieve this through providing strategic networking and engagement platforms to encourage participation and debate across the industry.

AVA Futures welcomes organisations and individuals from across the industry to get involved in debate and discussion over the coming year. Let’s think today about a more prosperous tomorrow!’

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of spaces available so it’ll be ‘first come, first served’.  If you wish to attend – and why wouldn’t you? –   RSVP here. The good news is if you’re an AVA Member, it’s FREE! If not, admission is £65.00 to.

This event be a great way to see how the Next Generation intend to shape our industry and it provides a forum in which you can make your voice heard. Timings are yet to be confirmed, but it is shaping up to be a day filled with opportunities to network, share experiences and ask the experts about cashless payment.

If you have any more questions or need more information before you can RSVP, please let me know at [email protected] or alternatively, give the AVA office a call on 03300 883 267.


See more on AVA Futures on PV here

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