The AVA Environmental Committee impresses HM Treasury Winning Further Meetings…

The Automatic Vending Association met with Alex Hattersley, a Policy Advisor in Energy & Transport at HM Treasury and Silas Gedner, an advisor for the Policy Group at DEFRA, to discuss paper cups and plastic in vending. The AVA Environment Committee represented the vending industry showcasing steps already taken in collection and recycling.

The AVA introduced Messrs Hattersley and Gedner to the range of cup collection & recycling activity already taking place, with Brodericks and Excel Vending providing examples. Adrian Pratt believes that after this talk, the HM Treasury and DEFRA “now recognise the complexity of the vending market and the differences between the industry and the high street”.

Treasury Changes Inevitable

Businesses within vending have been warned that they “must manage [their] recycling and reusables before they are managed for [them]” and as the HM Treasury begins to further understand the industry, it will still not stop the inevitable. Vending companies have been asked to join the ‘War On Waste’ even with the added pressure and additional costs.  Adrian further states that “there will be a bigger cost if we don’t actively manage it”.

The AVA Environmental Committee, whilst highlighting the differences between vending and the High Street was keen to show the opportunities of the vending market. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the AVA and volunteers of the Environment Committee, both The Treasury and DEFRA now understand the disproportionate impact a tax or latte levy would have on the industry.

HM Treasury were so impressed with the Committee’s work that they have asked them to return to The Treasury again. This time for the publication of the consultation documents linked to the DEFRA waste strategy.


HM Treasury
David Llewellyn

AVA CEO, David Llewellyn says “it was a very positive meeting with contributions from all sides”.

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