H20 Expands Its Range of IEN Filters For ‘The Prevention Of Awful Coffee’.

H2O Direct, the specialists in supplying high quality POU Water Filters and associated products to the vending industry, have announced an important expansion to its range of IEN filters.

For the uninitiated, an IEN Filter is an ION Exchange Resin Filter. It has a mixture of ION Exchange Resin, (specifically made to remove calcium from water to reduce scale build up inside machines) and Carbon, (which deals with water’s chlorine and other taste or odour issues).

IEN FiltersThe NEW IEN4000 and IEN6000 are welcome additions to the already hugely successful IEN2000. ‘We’ve launched them in response to market demands as the need for greater capacity increases’, MD Jim Redford said. (That’s Jim in the main picture with the guys from Microfilter). ‘The increases in capacity will extend servicing intervals, particularly in high water usage cases.’

The range features Microfilters’ specially designed 30% by-pass system for water blending, which helps prevent scale build up and keep pH levels stable.

‘The production of tea and coffee is a scientific process,’ Jim said. ‘If the water used is not of good quality, then the taste of the final drink will be affected.  This has always been a contentious and problematic issue for the coffee and tea vending industry.’

The main issue for machine operators and service companies is that the water in the U.K. is constantly changing. In some areas, water supply companies frequently mix locally sourced water with other supplies from around the country. That’s why fluctuating pH levels are prone to fluctuation.

‘Neutral water is 7 pH, therefore anything that lowers the pH drastically could cause acidic water’, Jim said. ‘The issue of acidic water can result in the consumer experiencing bitter or metallic tasting drinks. Ideally a minimum of 6.5 should be observed in all coffee and tea machines, where possible.

‘Another issue in the industry is machine reliability due to scale build up’, said Jim. ‘This costs the industry millions each year in terms of wasted man hours and that’s why people have been desperately trying to find a solution.’

IEN Filters
The range features Microfilters’ specially designed 30% by-pass system

Excessive scale build up can cause machines to fail due to issues such as blocked pipes, temperature control problems, leaks and so on. Service companies are constantly balancing the filtration needs of the local water so’s not to affect the taste of the products, along with cost effective filtration and servicing.

IEN Filters
Jim Redford

The IEN6000 IEN Filter has over 6000 litre capacity @10Dh, which means at 10 German hardness – the standard measurement for Ion Exchange Resins – thus extending service intervals. The entire range has easy change heads with auto-water shut off. This makes servicing quick and easy saving engineer’s time and management money!

‘We’re convinced that the prevention of scale build up is the same thing as ‘the prevention of awful coffee’, Jim added, ‘and we really do believe that our IEN range is the very best available to accomplish this is the vending market today.’

This important expansion to our range of IEN Filters  follows the exciting news that H2O Direct are to expand their sales operations into Europe for Microfilter and MCM products. ‘ We feel as though we’re on a real roll just now’ Jim said. ‘The launch of these amazing new filters really raises the bar for us and it comes hot on the heels of our European expansion. Now all we have to do is maintain the momentum!’

In common with the other products in the H2O Direct stable, the expanded range of IEN filters are available by super-fast delivery to UK and Europe.


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