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Beware EFD Risks: IoT Removes The Barriers To Machine Fiscalisation

Beware EFD Risks: Welcome to the 11th exciting edition of ‘Vending Insight’, a regular feature from Planet Vending that focuses on today’s cashless, connected, IoT (Internet of Things) society. There’s no product news in Vending Insight and no stories about the providers of those products. On the contrary, it’s our intention to provide those vending operators, who are hungry for information on developing technologies, with some satisfying food for thought.

This week, our guest blogger is VMC MD Nick Bate, who considers the pros and cons of connectivity. As usual, we’ll provide our Ten Top Links that will take you to stories that have appeared across the Internet. They won’t all be about vending: in fact, we’ll steer you, through these stories, in the direction the world is heading. We hope that Vending Insight will inspire you to investigate how to apply the features of cashless payments, data collection and connectivity to the advantage of your vending business.

Connectivity’s Pros and Cons: Reporting Domestic Violence, Saving Dogs’ Lives; But Opening The Door To EFDs… (Planet Vending)

Beware EFD Risks
Nick Bate

‘Those who once believed that Facebook is free; that their posts have no value and their data is not being used to generate psychological profiles have had their naivety ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ by all manner of ne’er do wells.’ Oo-er, it’s Nick Bate, HERE

From The Internet

Electronic Fiscal Devices Haven’t Been All Sweetness And Light… (The Citizen)
EFDs have been in Tanzania for around 8 years and unreported errors, together with identity theft, have demonstrated the possible consequences when things go wrong. Worry beads at the ready, HERE

How to Set Up an Effective Remarketing Campaign (All Business)

With remarketing, you can target those who were on the brink of converting (becoming a paying customer), but stopped just short. This not only allows you to re-engage lost visitors, but increase brand awareness. So, how do you do it? FInd out, HERE

Beware EFD Risks

Beware EFD Risks
It’s a good thing it’s not complicated, what?


Five IoT Predictions For 2019 (Forbes)
Forbes is on the money again with this absorbing article that looks into the very near future by Daniel Newman. Stay ahead of the game, HERE

Are You Sure Your Customers Are Getting an Omnichannel Experience? (Nearshore Americas)
Can you say with 100% certainty that your company is offering an omnichannel experience? These guidelines can help you differentiate between multichannel and omnichannel customer service. A good read, HERE

LiveRamp Partners with Inscape to Add Smart TV Data into Omnichannel Identity Platform (Martech Series)
This partnership brings the largest screen in the home, the TV, into the fold of devices measured for data-driven marketers and provides a holistic view of consumer audiences with TV viewing data. HERE

Security Must Evolve With Connectivity If Cars Are To Stay Safe (Intelligent Transport)
Vehicles are becoming ‘smarter’ and more connected than ever before, but with these added technological features and capabilities come a new set of risks, which can be exploited by hackers. Steer HERE

Beware EFD Risks20th Century Fox Researchers Create AI Model To Predict Audience For A Movie (Digit)
The system extracts features such as colour, illumination, faces, objects and landscapes to achieve accurate attendance and audience prediction for existing movies, as well as yet-to-be-released films. You couldn’t make it up, but it’s HERE

6 Remarketing Campaign Mistakes You Must Avoid (Search Engine Journal)
Success stories abound across industries with how remarketing strategies improve efficiency by enhancing conversion rates. That said, as you consider rolling out remarketing, bear in mind these common mistakes, HERE

New Probe Launched Into ‘Cashless Society’ And How It’ll Affect Consumers And Businesses (Mirror)
The review will look at the impact of new technologies over the next five to 15 years and what the future infrastructure will need to look like to support consumers’ needs. It comes after 5.6 billion contactless payments were made last year as cards over took cash for the first time in history. Low down, HERE

The Winners and Losers In A Cashless Society (Barron’s)
Refusing to accept cash excludes some people, but for certain stores, it won’t necessarily exclude any customers. Where do you stand? Investigate HERE

Beware EFD Risks

Beware EFD Risks

Beware EFD Risks

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