Catherine Turbill Brings Vianet More Than They Bargained For…

Catherine Turbill: Vianet has quietly been adding to its team at Stockton. Initially focus was on improving the customers’ experience, hence the arrival of Joanne Vinton Bullwinkel; who has already established a team of three.

Now, the company has turned its attention to commercial activity, but with the arrival of Catherine Turbill, (main picture), in the role of Commercial Coordinator, ‘we’ve got more than we bargained for – but in a good way’, Vianet Business Development Director Craig McIntyre told us. ‘On top of all the skills we were looking for to fulfil the role, Catherine brings so much more to the business’, he said.

Joanne Vinton Bullwinkel

Catherine’s background is in Marketing and PR. She joins Vianet after twenty years at Jennings Motor Group where she rose to the role of Group Sales Marketing Manager.

As anybody from the North East will tell you, ‘Jennings’ is a household-name up there and is an important dealer in Ford, Kia, Mazda and SEAT cars, not to mention Harley Davidson bikes. ‘It was a Big Business whichever way you look at it’, Catherine said. ‘I had a team to manage, plus a substantial budget to spend on print and radio advertising, direct mail and social media. Until recently, the business was privately owned. I worked closely with the MD and felt that I really contributed over the years to the success of the business.’

But nothing lasts for ever: Jennings was taken over by the Lookers Group and Catherine decided the time was right to make a fresh start in a new industry.

‘As luck would have it, Catherine saw our recruitment advert, came in for an interview and here she is’ Craig said.

‘It’s an exciting time for me’, Catherine told PV. ‘I’m in at the deep end in a sector I know very little about, but find fascinating. I think my role will develop as I learn more about the marketplace and get a greater understanding of what the company can offer.’


‘We’re delighted that Catherine has joined’, Craig said, ‘and amongst many other things, I’m sure she’ll add a new level of professionalism and expertise in our forthcoming sales and marketing campaigns, plus social media and PR across the whole Vianet business.’

When she’s not at work, she’s out and about with her partner, Alan: they are frequent visitors to the races and enthusiastic gig-goers. ‘I’m not one for lounging about at home’, she said.

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