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Nairobi: Farmers blame factory over prices. A row is simmering at Central Ngandori Co-operative Society, Embu County, between coffee farmers and the management that may disrupt  deliveries this season

Chicago: Robusta Coffee 10-T Futures Prices Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2012, presented by

New York: Bloomberg reports that Arabica coffee fell to the lowest level in more than four months as the start of the harvest in Central American nations added to rising stockpiles.

New York: Bloomberg reports that Brazilian producers are stockpiling coffee to ride out a price dip. The full story is here

New York:  Bloomberg is reporting that Coffee prices in Vietnam, the largest producer of the robusta variety used in instant drinks and espresso, fell to the lowest level in more than two weeks on stockpile sales with the start of the new season

Bali: According to The Beat, there’s good news for Balinese coffee growers: cocoa market conditions are sufficiently stable and an increase in the income for rural communities who produce coffee in Bali is likely to be seen. Read the full story here.

Dar Es Salaam: The overall coffee prices for both mild Arabica and Robusta at the Moshi auction in Tanzania dipped drastically compared to the previous trading

Nairobi: The top price of Kenya’s benchmark grade AA coffee rose sharply to $342 per bag at auction this week from $312 at the previous sale, according to Business Recorder

New York: Bloomberg reports that Coffee futures jumped to the highest price since July on signs that exporters are slowing sales in Brazil.

Helsinki: Consumers in Finland – the world’s biggest per-capita coffee drinkers – could soon be forced to pay more for their daily brew. Shock! horror!

Ha Noi: Cartel ‘to prop up coffee prices’ as harvest begins in Vietnam.

New York: Forexpros reports coffee and sugar prices rallying on the back of concerns that rain would return to key growing regions in Brazil and disrupt harvesting again

Karachi: Sugar and coffee prices climbing.(Business Recorder)

Edinburgh: Scottish coffee firm Matthew Algie manages to increase profits despite “difficult” conditions and coffee prices at a 30 year high

New York: U.S. Coffee pundit Mike Seery on where coffee prices are headed.

Delhi: Coffee planters are upbeat about export prices firming in the third quarter, according to Business Standard

Nairobi: Sept 25 (Reuters Africa) – The top price of Kenya’s benchmark grade AA coffee rose to $312 per bag at auction this week from $306 at the previous sale

New York: Sugar futures gained the most in two weeks on speculation that adverse weather in Brazil, the world’s top exporter, and India may limit global supplies. Cocoa and coffee also advanced. Full details on Bloomberg.

New York: NASDAQ reports that coffee futures closed lower on Monday and the high range close sets the stage for a steady to higher opening on Tuesday. Stochastics and the RSI are bearish signalling that sideways to lower prices are possible nearterm. Get the details here.

London: Once again the Mail is out to frighten somebody. This time, it’s coffee drinkers. Are you bovvered?

London: According to Reuters, ICE arabica coffee, cocoa and raw sugar futures edged up in light volumes in early trading on Tuesday. More here.

Vietnam: Coffee trading is expected to pick up next month in Vietnam, the world’s biggest exporter of robustas, where an accelerating harvest will help soften prices, according to Business Recorder. Read all about it.

Southern Europe: Italians are having to cut back on their cappuccinos and espressos and Spaniards are dropping their cortados. CNN’s take on why wholesale coffee prices are falling. More here.

UK: According to AOL ‘Money’, Britain could suddenly get a lot less productive, because ‘the price of coffee is going through the roof’. You can look up at it here, it’s food for thought.

Mumbai: Arabica coffee prices in India fell at last week’s auction (Friday) as traders stayed away from the market due to fluctuations in overseas prices. Read the full story here.

Tanzania‘s coffee prices fell at auction last week, taking their cue from markets in London and New York, as supplies of the commodity rose at the peak of the season, according to the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB). Read the full story here

A group of Vietnam‘s top coffee exporters has recommended beans from the 2012/13 crop be priced at a $30 discount to London futures and has asked the government to allow them to stockpile 300,000 tonnes to support prices More on this here.

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