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Vending Insight: The Value Of A More Connected, Transparent And Collaborative Approach

Connected: Welcome to edition 4 of  Vending Insight, a regular feature from Planet Vending that focuses on today’s cashless, connected, IoT (Internet of Things) society. There’s no product news in Vending Insight and no stories about the providers of those products. On the contrary, it’s our intention to provide those vending operators, who are hungry for information on developing technologies, with some satisfying food for thought.

Each week, PV Editor Ian Reynolds-Young will comment on an aspect of this fast changing world and each week, we’ll provide our Ten Top Links that will take you to stories that have appeared across the Internet. They won’t all be about vending: in fact, we’ll steer you, through these stories, in the direction the world is heading. We hope that Vending Insight will inspire you to investigate how to apply the features of cashless payments, data collection and connectivity to the advantage of your vending business.

Thought Leaders: It’s Time To Take Your Place

Operator, supplier – whatever role you play in vending – it’s time, ladies and gentlemen, for those who have real insight to take their place among the vending industry’s thought leaders. ‘Lets not get left behind in the New Age of retailing and commerce’, says Ian Reynolds-Young, here

Vending Insight From The Web

Real-time visibility and connectivity to improve efficiency and productivity. (Globenewswire.com)

‘Many industry executives are realising that there is  immense value to be gained from a more connected, transparent and collaborative approach. With this, the industry idea of tapping into a larger ecosystem of shared data appears to be within reach.’ Not vending, unfortunately… Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer, Navis, is talking about cargo handling – but it’s a real eye-opener and its here.

Connected: How Smart Is Your Home? (ukpcmag.com)

How smart is your home?

What if all the devices in your life could be connected to the internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, door bells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it. And what if those devices could all communicate, send you information, and take your commands?Proof that you aint seen nothing yet, here.

Will a cashless society lead to chaos? (The Independent)

‘Technology is great when it works’, goes the adage. Yet the past few weeks have seen some stunning examples of how bad things can get when it doesn’t.’Recent payment tech and bank problems show how our digital future could have consequences. Read Felicity Hannah’s thoughtful article, here.

RBS Branch Closure Provokes Drastic Action. (The Courier.co.uk)

A cafe owner in Scotland said the loss of the town’s RBS meant a near three-hour round trip to Perth to deposit his takings. Consequently, signs in the cafe advised customers: “We don’t want to go cashless, but RBS has left us with no option if we want to continue trading and employing people.” Makes you think? Ponder, here

What It Takes To Make IoT Implementation A Success (Forbes online)

Enjoy a compelling Q&A with John Magee, VP, Hitachi Vantara: ‘When executives are thinking about what data is most important to achieving their desired outcomes, what do they need to know? How should they approach this?’ All good stuff, do yourself a favour, get connected, here.

Fishbowl Is Going Cashless. (smh.com)

connectedAn incredibly successful two-year-old food business run in Sydney by a pair of 25-year-olds prides itself on efficiency, cleanliness and style. But its latest push to become still cooler and less wasteful could prove divisive: the stores are currently in the process of becoming completely cashless. It’s going on all over the world, as you’ll read, here.

Accelerating economic and social growth in developing economies, (deloitte.com)

Extending the opportunities that the internet can bring is critical to accelerating economic and social growth in developing economies, while enabling the transition from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy. Heavy hitters Deloitte will confirm your gut feeling on connectivity, here.

Connected Transport: How IoT Is Helping To Improve Road Safety (omny.fm)

Get a coffee and sit down to watch this interesting video, in which Adam Spencer sits down with Conrad Harvey, CIO of Linfox, Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company, to discuss the use of  IoT technology in trucks to improve driver and community safety. The way to go? Take a look, here

Data Freshness, Not Speed, Most Important For IoT. (network world)

The end of passing the hat round: Edinburgh’s fringe takes cashless payments.

Patrick Nelson posits that ‘the age of sensor data is more important than how fast it takes that information to travel around Internet- and Location-of-Things environments, and explains how, consequently, scientists are rethinking the network. It’s a thought provoking contemporary commentary, and it’s here.

Buskers At The Edinburgh Fringe In Cashless Pilot. (The Stage)

Performers on the Royal Mile and the Mound will benefit from a scheme, which sees the fringe working with card reader and contactless payment specialist company iZettle. As part of this, a payment scheme which can be used in the same way as passing round a hat is being set up. Much obliged guv’nor, here.

And finally, a bonus story

The Worst Place In The World To hack The Vending Machines, (The Independent)

The machines work with cards that need to be topped up online, so hackers unplugged a cable connecting them to electronic payment systems and used unfunded cards to get food at no cost. But you wont believe where this happened – and you wont be surprised that they were nicked. It’s no laughing matter, HERE




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‘It’s all about telling stories’, he says. ‘We want to make every visit to PV a rewarding experience. By celebrating the achievements of the UK’s operating companies, we’re on a mission to debunk the idea that vending is retailing’s poor relation.’

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