Dunkirk Spirit

Dunkirk Spirit: Regency Design’s Ingenuity Has Turned To The Production of Protective Visors

In another personification of ’The Dunkirk Spirit’, Regency Design has demonstrated that when the expertise, enthusiasm and creativity of its staff is harnessed to support those at the front line in the war against COVID-19, there’s no such thing as ‘impossible’.

Last week, we reported on how the company – known in the vending industry as the go-to designer and manufacturer of machine decals, point of sale; coffee towers, exhibitions stands and break-out areas – had joined the war against coronavirus, by manufacturing both a hand sanitiser station and a unit designed to ensure the safe dispensing of cups and lids in coffee-to-go situations. (Read that story HERE).

This week, we hear that the company has converted an area of its production space, (see main picture) and dedicated it to the production of a face visor – exactly what many in the NHS and elsewhere have been pleading for…

Dunkirk Spirit
…in production
Dunkirk Spirit
…in use

‘We saw interview after interview in which doctors and nurses were pleading to be given personal protective equipment that was up to the task’, Regency CCO Zak Manhire told us. ‘These brave people were putting themselves in danger of infection every time they attended to the needs of a victim of the virus. It made us angry, but anger gets you nowhere; so we thought we’d do what we could to address the problem. We can’t make gloves or Hazmat suits, but we can make visors so that’s what we’re doing.’

Echoes of the Dunkirk Spirit…

‘We have the capacity to make 10,000 visors every day to help supply and support key workers at this time. The manufacturing costs are minimal, so the visors are affordable, but there is no compromise on quality. The visors are reusable and CE marked.

‘There is no minimum order. We have already donated visors to quite a few smaller charities and trusts, such as The Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Father Hudson’s and The High Green Farm supported living project. These organisations don’t need large numbers, but the visors have made a huge difference to them, in terms of their ability to continue their work in relative safety.

‘We want to get the message out there that we can turn these products around and get them out the door in less than a week’, Zak said.

Cynics may well see Regency’s initiative as ‘a drop in the ocean’ in the context of the national shortfall in PPE equipment, but to us, it echoes the Dunkirk spirit of 1940. The national resource in those dark days – the Royal Navy – could not, on its own, achieve the objective of getting our soldiers safely out of beleaguered France. It took thousands of smaller boats, acting in concert, to get the job done. Regency is just one of those smaller boats, let’s hope it’s one of many.

Dunkirk Spirit

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