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Express Hub: Selecta Rolls Out Workplace MicroMarket

Selecta has announced the UK roll out of its Express Hub MicroMarket for the workplace.

The Express Hub was developed by fellow Selecta Group B.V. company, Express Vending, which  successfully introduced the pioneering concept to sites across London and the Home Counties.

The Express Hub MicroMarket: A Fresh Approach

The Express Hub MicroMarket brings a fresh approach to workplace meals, providing staff with an opportunity to access healthy meals, snacks and drinks around-the-clock, via a smart, self-service ‘supermarket’, which has been designed to offer quality street café or food market style experiences.

The Express Hub’s unique design allows it to be integrated into any space, providing anything from a compact MicroMarket along a single wall to a full café-style break-out area, giving staff a more creative space to enjoy meals, work and meet.

Latest technology features in the intuitively-designed rapid pay kiosk, which features multi-camera security and gives options for payment via finger print technology, contactless card or Apple Pay.

 Express Hub
Paul Hearne

The flexible range of fresh and delicious food is delivered and replenished each day by Selecta’s support teams. Customers are free to tailor the options on offer according to taste and dietary requirement.

The Express Hub MicroMarket: Revolutionising Refreshment

Emily Stoten, Marketing Director, Selecta UK told PV: “We see the Express Hub MicroMarket roll out across the UK as revolutionising refreshment in the workplace. Today, an important part of creating a productive working environment is providing people with the tools they need to work better and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Enabling them to refuel, recharge and connect on site is increasingly central to this. The results from Express Vending’s installations of the Hub in London already show that MicroMarkets really can offer the step improvement in employee well-being that is so vital to business success.”

The Express Hub MicroMarket: Shows That You Care

Paul Hearne, Executive Director at Express Vending concurs. “The world of business has changed and hiring and keeping the best talent is key” he told PV. “Providing this kind of facility, which allows your staff to access  a great variety of food on site, shows that you care. It means your staff never go hungry or thirsty during the working day.  Customers who have installed the Express Hub are telling us that this technologically advanced, state-of-the-art space has not only transformed the work space, but also taken staff engagement to an unprecedented level.”

One of the key features of the Express Hub is its ability to complement existing catering facilities on site.

The Express Hub Micromarket Complements Our In-House Caterers’ Offer

Global video company Deluxe, which employs 450 people at its Perivale site in London, wanted an option that not only dovetailed with the existing in-house caterers but also provided catering to out-of-hours workers whilst at the same time, reducing waste.

Express Hub “The Express Hub was introduced to complement our in-house caterers’ offer by supplying longer-lasting, ‘best-by’ options that last over the weekend, when the kitchen isn’t open”, Stuart Jones the Buildings and Facilities Manager for Deluxe told us.

Using a reactive, data driven approach, waste has also been reduced, as Stuart explains: “Products are stocked and removed based on Deluxe employees’ actual buying habits. This means our team members are getting the choices they want and we can reduce waste by no longer stocking the products  they don’t want. We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from staff, who are happy they can now get access to a decent meal, snacks or drinks at any time through the night or weekend without having to go off site.”

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