iGiene by RBC Group: Let’s Get Ready For Life In ‘The New Normal’

iGiene, from RBC Group, is a cutting-edge machine with an unrivaled capability, which has been specifically designed for the efficient provision of PPE and a range of antimicrobial products. iGiene features a hospital-grade, touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser that is ‘exceptionally efficient’ and a dynamic, and intuitive user interface on a 43-inch touchscreen. ‘iGiene presents an unparalleled product platform that can be customised to address the requirements of any location’, Sales Director Alan Wick said.

Alan Wick

‘We were inspired to act by the unprecedented and devastating impact Covid-19 has inflicted on livelihoods, communities, and the wider society. In line with public health guidance issued by the World Health Organisation, our team of designers and engineers has been fastidious in developing a state-of-the-art product that will provide the general public with an effective and efficient anti-infection resource in the uncertain months ahead’, Alan said.

The iGiene chassis is constructed from ethically sourced, powder-coated metal. It is manufactured in line with cradle-to-cradle sustainable design principles: this means that its components can potentially go through infinite life cycles.

iGiene can dispense up to 180 products, including nitrile gloves, N95 face masks, antimicrobial hand sanitiser, wipes, and much more.

It’s among the smartest vending machines currently available, thank to its use of an industry-first dual conveyor and ‘elevator’ dispensing system equipped with a weight sensor, which can switch dynamically. This allows for a large selection of items of various shapes and sizes to be on offer in the same machine and for multi-vend dispensing.


The 43-inch LCD touchscreen displays detailed, multi-media product information so that users can make informed purchases, ensuring that the items they buy are entirely suitable for their proposed purpose.

Payment is by Contactless NFC and cashless technology. Users can choose to use a variety of payment methods, including mobile. Moreover, by using RBC’s proprietary smart-phone App, physical interaction with the touchscreen can be avoided.

iGiene purchasers have the option of including a built-in, medical-grade hand sanitiser dispenser, which employs a motion sensor to release the optimal dose of breakthrough antimicrobial gel or spray automatically.

Real-time telemetry comes as ‘standard’, and provides comprehensive data. Operators can leverage both historical information and predictive analytics to take the guesswork out of commercial decisions and where appropriate, drive revenue.

‘RBC has significant experience and expertise in a wide range of services related to unattended retail solutions’, Alan said. ‘That puts us in the unique position of being able to offer customers an all-in-one and fully managed PPE solution. We’re not just selling a smart box! On the contrary, we’ll deliver, install and service the iGiene so that customers can rest assured that they are meeting the PPE and hand sanitizing requirements of people who are working, shopping or visiting their premises.

“These are unprecedented times’ Alan said. ‘We’ve invested considerable resources, not only in designing a robust and pioneering product with public health in mind, but also in harnessing up-to-the-minute technological advances. What’s more, we’ve sourced a breakthrough-formulation antimicrobial hand sanitiser that is exceptionally efficient. We believe that iGiene provides a unique opportunity for Facilities Managers to ensure the health and well-being of the general public as they go about their business when we emerge from the lock-down and take our first steps into ‘the new normal’.

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