iGive Sanitise: Now You Can Protect Your Income And Protect Your Donors

iGive Sanitise: RBC Group’s innovative iGive machine is already accepting cashless charitable donations in many religious and charitable setting and now, in response to the COVID-19 emergency, it comes with a built-in, state of the art hand sanitiser.

The emergence of ‘the cashless society’ poses a difficult problem to organisations that rely upon donations to survive. With the decline of cash, how do interested parties present charities and religious institutions with the sort of impulse gift that are a vital cog in the fundraising machine?

iGive is the solution and now a new product has been added to the offer: iGive Sanitise

The introduction of iGive Sanitise was inspired by the devastating impact Covid-19 is inflicting on livelihoods, communities, and society at large. That’s what made their team of designers and engineers pull out all the stops to develop a product that effectively protects the general public. By providing an effective and efficient guard against contamination, iGive Sanitise eliminates donor doubt.

The effectiveness of iGive Sanitise lies in the fact that it is so easy to use. First, donors avail themselves of the machine’s robust hand sanitiser dispenser. The dispenser has a built-in motion sensor, which automatically releases an optimal dose of breakthrough antimicrobial gel or spray. In either form, the treatment has been proven to neutralise 99.99% of common harmful germs.

Having protected themselves – and others – the donor’s attention turns to a vibrant, 10-inch LCD touchscreen which enables them to access detailed information about selected charities.

The operator of the machine has an impressive resource of media from which to choose. The screen easily accommodates both still and moving HD images; so the compelling story of a charity’s mission can be powerfully communicated at the location where it can be most effective – the point of potential donation.

Having reviewed the ‘appeal’, donors are prompted to select a donation sum, and, with only a few taps, make a direct donation to their charity of choice. iG

iGive Sanitise
Alan Wick

iGive Sanitise is equipped with Contactless NFC and cashless technology, so donors can choose between a wide variety of payments options, including mobile.

‘We are living through unprecedented times’, said RBC Sales Director, Alan Wick. ‘As a responsible business, we have invested considerable resources to deliver, in iGive Sanitise, a robust and pioneering product that addresses both the urgent requirements of charities to maintain income and, of course, the need for the general public to remain vigilant in the face of the COVID-19 threat.

‘By harnessing the latest advances in technology — and sourcing a breakthrough-formulation antimicrobial hand sanitiser that’s exceptionally efficient, we’ve created a machine that ticks both these vital boxes.’

If you are responsible for fundraising for a charity – be it a local place of worship or a multi-national NGO – iGive Sanitise is uniquely equipped to ensure you can protect your income and protect your donors.

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