Jaffa Cake Nibbles

Jaffa Cake Nibbles: Living Up To The Pre-Launch Hype

During December 2018, after Pladis had announced the imminent arrival of Jaffa Cake Nibbles, the British Press could barely contain itself. ‘McVitie’s is about to launch Jaffa Cake Nibbles and they look amazing’, said The Mirror. Metro News said, ‘we’re excited’ and Good Housekeeping said they looked ‘soo tasty!’ and The Sun chimed in with ‘we can’t wait to try them!’


We could go on and on and on about Jaffa Cake Nibbles but hey, you get the picture? If the fuss before they were available was amazing, the sales have more than lived up to the hype. No sooner are they stacked on the shelves of Automatic Retailing Northern than they’re off again, bound for spirals the length and breadth of the U.K., in the shape of 39g on-the-go packs.

The launch of Jaffa Cake Nibbles came hot on the heels of a redesign of the Jaffa Cakes brand, which included an increased emphasis on the orange content of the biscuit. The new product features the familiar orange centre and light, Genoise sponge, coated in milk and dark chocolate, but in a bite-sized format.

‘This new and exciting concept is a total game-changer for the brand and Jaffa Cakes fans alike’, Emma Stowers, Brand Director for McVitie’s at Pladis, said. ‘Current shoppers are buying Jaffa Cakes four times every year on average, which has helped us to grow value sales by 5.6% year on year. We’re looking to drive an increase in regular purchases with the new Jaffa Cake Nibbles format, while gaining incremental sales from 18-34 year-olds who are passionate about food and want to enjoy a sharing snacking treat.’

FACTS: Six of the Best!

  • Did you know that Jaffa Cake sales are worth £54m per year?
  • Over one billion Jaffa Cakes are eaten every year annually were introduced by McVitie and Price in 1927
  • At a VAT tribunal in 1991, the court found in McVitie’s favour that Jaffa cakes should be considered a cake for tax purposes.
  • In 2012 they were ranked the best selling cake or biscuit in the United Kingdom.
  • McVitie’s entire line of Jaffa cakes is produced in the United Kingdom at a factory in Stockport.
  • The Jaffa cake production area covers an acre and includes a production line over a mile long.

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