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PV is delighted to see Mark Lamble being nominated and a finalist in the Vendies 2017. If you like what you read, and you know Mark – please vote for him here

The below has been provided courtesy of The Vendies and Burts Potato Chips

Burts Potato Chips is pleased to nominate Mark Lamble for the Vendies Customer Service Award 2017 for his unrivalled passion, knowledge and drive, to grow Burts within the vending category. Job performance: Mark has worked as part of the Burts team for over 6 years, joining in January 2011. He is directly responsible for vending which is a big task in itself but he also manages Foodservice which keeps Mark very busy at Burts. Vending is his passion and he seems to be a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to the market, trends, opportunities and he loves to share his knowledge and insights with his customers. Mark’s can-do attitude has driven phenomenal sales growth across his customers and we are very proud he successfully developed sales to over £1 million for the first time last year (2016).

Mark Lamble
Mark Lamble

In the past 3 years Mark has grown vending sales alone by 62% in turn helping Burts become a very successful and relevant brand in vending. He shares his passion for Burts delicious premium crisps with the industry whenever he can and his enthusiasm is well received at networking events, trade shows and customer meetings. Mark has a, warm, cheerful, can-do attitude which sets him apart. He is very well known and liked in the industry by his customers, other manufacturers and even direct competitors! Mark’s dedication and drive has resulted in Burts having won 5 prestigious Vendies awards for their product taste, quality and innovation, and we now feel it’s time for Mark, himself, to be recognised. David Nairn, Managing Director at Burts Potato Chips comments “I have had the privilege of working with Mark at Burts for many years and he has single handedly developed our sector focus in vending. Mark, with his services training, sets his plan for the week ahead and off he goes with some core thoughts such as ‘good service is good business’ and that the more he engages with his customers the clearer things become. Burt’s quality is second to none but being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. For Mark service wins the game and gaining loyal customers who insist that their friends also do business with Mark and Burts.”

Customer Service: Mark prioritises face to face contact and spends a lot of his time on the road with his customers. He travels an extraordinary amount to ensure he provides the best customer service possible. He puts Burts customers at the forefront of everything he does and is very good at managing customer requirements quickly and efficiently. Customer service with Marks starts with the first meeting, even before any sales have been made. He has influenced the Burts culture to encourage the importance of nurturing customer relationships before, during and continue to after the purchase. Mark is also very patient particularly with customers who often reach out for additional support. Mark knows his customers well, he always gets people coming to the Burts stand at trade shows for a chat. He always remembers who they are and where there from and they continuously leave with a smile on their face, his energy is contagious. Recent comments about Mark: “Mark first came to me when he joined Burt’s for advice on how he could penetrate the vending market. I gave him the name of people to contact and because of his hard work and determination since, Burt’s have become a major supplier in the Vending crisps market. Mark always conducts himself with the upmost professionalism, always keeping his promises and keeping us up to date on new products backed with the necessary samples.

David Graddon

Mark Lamble is a credit to his company and the Industry he supplies” David Graddon, Managing Director at Graddons Vending. “Working with Mark has been a pleasure, he is conscientious, hardworking; nothing is a problem to him, he always sorts out problems straight away keep you informed of what is going on. His drive and passion for the company is evident by the way he talks to you; I have visited the premises twice now, when he took my wife and I round he was like a “kid in a candy shop” he was so proud to show us how the crisps are made, how the company has grown and the new machinery (I look forward to my 3rd visit).

“Mark is a credit to Burts Chips.” Lawrie Hall, Purchasing Manager at Automatic Retailing

Teamwork: Mark’s military background impels him to be a team player and unsurprisingly someone who all of the Burts sales & marketing team go to regularly for advice, support and guidance. He is meticulous with his organisation from his daily schedule to organising trade shows and his military motto, the 7 P’s (Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance) strengthens the belief he has that if something is worth doing it’s worth doing properly! For his outstanding service to our customers, dedication to the Burts team and outstanding work ethic, we would like to nominate Mark Lamble for the Vendies Customer Service Award 2017.

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