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Mr Lee’s Noodles – an award winning 0% nasty gourmet, gluten-free noodles in a cup Mr Lee’s Noodles Company are an award winning new brand of 100% tasty, 0% nasty, gourmet, gluten-free noodles in a cup company. Their unique use of freeze-dried ingredients (which lock in most of the nutritional values) allows Mr Lee’s to provide the healthiest, hot meal “on the go” for a variety of different audiences, including those with allergies, dietary restrictions, vegans, coeliac disease, IBS, weight watchers etc. Mr Lee’s are also available hot through innovative, digital Noodle Kiosks vending machines that create an engaging, tailored experience.

With six award winning, “no nasties”, authentic, oriental cup noodles, Mr Lee’s has established themselves as is one of the healthiest cup noodles on the market; low in salt, sugar, saturated fats and calories, with no MSG’s, artificial preservatives, additives, flavourings or colouring. We also have flavours with absolutely no allergens, suitable for vegetarians (and vegans from June 2017). Mr Lee’s is also the only cup noodle brand certified low in sugar by Sugarwise UK. From our premium products to vending innovations, we believe that our noodles are the best new Snack Product of The Year and the below information will explain ‘why’ .


Launched in January 2016, Mr Lee’s Noodles was conceptualised by Damien Lee, acclaimed entrepreneur of several international businesses; from Sweden to Singapore, Australia and the UK. Having been unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Damien decided to remove the nasties from his diet, using healthy, guilt-free foods to recover not just for his business passion, but for his two young boys: James and Josh. After 16 rounds of chemo and chemo-related treatments, he was free of cancer, and for the next 6 months Damien committed to researching the cup noodle market, it’s weaknesses and strengths, the trends and tendencies.

Mr Lees NoodlesHe realised that there is a huge gap in healthy cup noodles options, but also in the caliber of existing vending machines, which are able to serve hot cup noodles and engage with the audience in the same time. By giving consumers a more convenient and healthy, hot “on-to-go” product, Damien intend to make a difference in a sector selling 100 billion instant noodles per year – mostly in the “junk” pot noodle portion of the market – and to expand globally with multiple Noodle Kiosks. These intelligent machines are able to create an engaging user experience that delivers content tailored to specific audience demographics. In addition to offering a hot, vended ready meal 24/7, the kiosks large 32” screen is able to educate, entertain and inform through infomercials, viral videos and third party commercials – and also collect demographic information, footfall and conversion rates. With an additional cashless payment system, the functional assets of having a Noodle Kiosk on location are huge, with an additional ‘boosts and supplements range’ soon available for adding several condiment and protein add ons. The 1st machine is currently placed at the Bournemouth University with more to come this Summer in hospitals, defence force bases and corporations.

We have set out to be ahead of our competitors by being highly committed to our health credentials, already listed as a vendor with the leaders in contract catering – the Compass Group, who operate in 10k locations in the UK alone, with a pilot with Elior starting July 2017. Our global strategy is based on providing easy access to healthy, ready meals to people all over the world, as seen through our commitment to inspire a generation of health conscious foodies.

We are particularly concerned with people’s diets, as dietary restrictions are ever on the increase, and there aren’t many companies facilitating all these needs. With the instant noodle sector growing 6-8% per annum in junk products, it was important for us to create a suitable noodle for those with allergies, diseases, gluten-free coeliac communities, diabetics, vegans, but also for people trying to lose weight, busy parents, students, professionals, travellers and more.

Taking no compromises on price-point and integrity of our products was “a must” from the beginning, and this is why we decided against supermarkets as our first point of call, and focused on our vending offering and travel sector. Our soups include the highest-quality, freeze-dried ingredients, which makes them richer in nutrients and even lower in calories and saturated fats than our competitors. Among other innovations, we replaced excessive salt with moderate levels of naturally salty lime zest, and sugars with moderate levels of tasty orange blossom honey.

We have taken great leaps to ensure that there is no compromise between having a quick meal, whilst maintaining your own healthy lifestyle. All our noodles are built with gluten-free rice noodles that are brought to life by the use of natural ingredients; utilizing real pieces of meats, porcini mushroom, coconut, orange peel (to name a few) to create a nutritional, wholesome soup base. This makes our noodles appropriate for people suffering with Coeliac disease, those looking to lose weight, and other allergen/dietary based illnesses and intolerances.

The contract with two of the biggest airlines in Australia starting in August 2017, a campaign with the South West Trains starting in May 2017 and additional interest from several large food providers (airlines, trains, hotels, even shops incl. Walmart America) and a host of industry acclaim: winner of the Lunch! Innovation Challenge Awards, finalist in the Amazon Growing Business Awards ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category, the Health & Vitality Honours Awards and becoming a Trailblazer of Food Vision 2017 – this proves that there is a huge market out there waiting for product like Mr Lee’s.

Mr Lee’s Noodles has also been included in the UK Government’s National Health Service “Your Parent Guide” initiative, as the only food-on-the-go option for new parents, as well as collaborating on a number of partnerships from IronMan UK, celebrity endorsements and signed off sporting brand ambassadors. We firmly believe that you are what you eat, and it’s time for the “on the go” sector to be more responsible about the ingredients in the convenience food.


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