Nayax To Focus On Embracing Advances In Technology At Vendex

Leading fintech company Nayax will be displaying its award-winning cashless payment solutions at Vendex Midlands UK. Visitors to Stand 65 can experience the company’s flagship VPOS Touch, which combines cashless payment and telemetry in one device. Also on display will be VPOS, Nayax’s payment device for cashless payments; telemetry device, AMIT; and Onyx – an eye-catching, compact solution for contactless only markets.


Specializing in offering multiple payments methods, Nayax’s cashless acceptance reflects the diverse ways in which consumers approach payment, from credit cards and mobile wallets, to QR codes. Nayax’s Management Suite features an extensive alert system, helping operators keep on top of their business, allowing machine and inventory issues to be addressed as they occur. With telemetry providing ‘eyes in the field’, via sales reports and real-time data, operators can enjoy the benefits of hands-on management from any location.

Nayax offers solutions designed to embrace those technological advances that are predicted to play major roles in the vending and unattended retail arenas. One sector Nayax foresees as having a lot of potential for vending operators is micro markets, which can bring operators increased average spend per sale. Because of this, Nayax has ensured that the VPOS Touch and Onyx devices are compatible with kiosks.

Another important trend the company has identified is consumer engagement. Accordingly, the company is developing a loyalty payment app for unattended machines equipped with Nayax devices. Using Monyx Wallet, operators can communicate with consumers to encourage them keep coming back to the same machines. Marketing campaigns such as discounts, punch cards, cashback and bonus credit, are easy for operators to manage while also rewarding for consumers – all of which translates into repeat business and increased sales.

There’s a special limited time offer for operators attending Vendex. For details, and to get hands-on with their industry leading products, be sure to visit Stand 65 on April 9th.


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