Phil Delivers

Phil Delivers: But Donating Equipment To The NHS Is Not As Easy As You’d Think…

Phil Delivers

Following his appeal to colleagues in the vending industry to fund much-needed PPE Cat 1 Face Masks, a heartwarming photo captures the moment as Phil Delivers the equipment to Stoke Mandeville.  Of the 705 masks that made up the consignment, the lion’s share was funded by Trade Events, Phil’s company.

With more time, we’re sure that the appeal to contribute would have met with a more widespread response but in this case, time was of the essence and Phil felt that the need to deliver promptly was the overriding imperative.

It was with a sweet-and-sour mix of pride and sadness that Phil told us, ‘We failed miserably to reach the 1,000 target. The total hit a plateau at 665. We added another 50 to our order, just in case we had more pledges, making a total of 705. I’d like to thank everyone for their donations which were greatly appreciated.’

Phil Delivers
Phil Reynolds

That’s not to say that vending  has been backwards in coming forward. We’re hearing stories every day that epitomise the generosity of spirit that runs through the industry these days like ‘Blackpool’ runs through rock, despite the fact that vending has its collective back to the wall as never before…

Surprisingly, given recent media coverage, finding a good home for the masks was not as easy as you’d think… ‘The logistics of what we have just achieved did prove to be somewhat problematical’, Phil said. ‘We contacted Northampton General Hospital and offered them the masks. They said ‘no thank-you, we have enough already’. We then contacted the Oxfordshire NHS trust and offered the masks to and. They said they were very interested, and would get back to us. We’re still waiting…’

Phil Delivers

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. ‘Our neighbour has a very senior position within the nearby Formula one team at Brackley, which is producing breathing equipment for the NHS’, Phil said. ‘So, I knocked on his door and asked him, ‘with your company’s links to the NHS, can you help me distribute these masks?’ He said ‘certainly, I’ll call you in an hour.’ In that time, he  contacted the CEO of the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, who said ‘yes please’. I arranged to deliver them the next day to the Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Without his help we would still be holding all those boxes.’

The vending industry as a whole has hardly been backwards in coming forward during the crisis. We hear stories every day that epitomise the generosity of spirit that’s running through the industry these days like ‘Blackpool’ runs through rock, despite the fact that vending has its collective back to the wall as never before.

Remember, it was the commitment of Regency Design, in dedicating a chunk of its production capacity to the manufacture of Cat 1 Face Masks and other PPE equipment, that inspired Phil’s initiative in the first place. It’s remarkable that, in less than a week, the idea came to fruition and consequently, staff at one of the UK’s most famous medical institutions are better protected than they were.

The Back Story

Regency’s ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ is HERE
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