Problem Solving At Regency Design: ‘It’s Just What We Do – And We’re Doing What We Can.’

Problem SolvingProblem Solving in the teeth of the pandemic has become a major focus of day-to-day business at Regency Design. The importance of keeping hygiene levels at their highest cannot be overstated and Regency has identified and acted upon issues that it can address in the fight to keep germ contamination at bay.

‘We realised very quickly that there were a couple of pressing problems regarding basic hygiene, both in our sector and in wider day to day business, namely hand sanitisers and Coffee-2-Go cups and lids’, Chief Commercial Officer Zak Manhire told PV. ‘In many locations, hand sanitisers are located either on desks or in bags and they are handled by multiple people before use. Worse still, they’re not always conspicuous, so people who should be using them, simply aren’t.

‘That’s why we’ve designed and produced a hand sanitiser station. We’ve designed our units with lockable castors, so they can be moved to where they’re most needed as pinch-points change during a typical working day. Our hand sanitiser stations are bold enough to stand out in any location. There are limited touch points and the units have a wipe down surface, making them easy to clean. They’ll be in constant use in many locations, so it goes without saying that the construction is especially robust and sturdy. We hope they’ll become a familiar and welcome sight in high footfall areas in healthcare, retail premises and of course wider businesses who have a duty of care.’

Problem Solving

‘The second area that gives us cause for concern is in the safe dispensing of cups and lids in coffee to go’, Zak said. ‘Normally, it’s perfectly acceptable for lids and cups to be stacked in an open condiment housing unit, but there’s nothing normal about the situation we find ourselves in right now and those units and because so many people will have contact with those units, they are ripe for cross contamination of germs.

‘To address that problem, our designers have come up with a single dispenser with a hand sanitizer attached. The units ensure that consumers only touch the cup or lid they are actually going to use. It’s that simple, no more multiple touching of cups or lids: and the units have the additional benefits of keeping counter spaces tidy and easy to clean and limiting waste from multiple cups and lids being picked up and discarded.

Problem Solving
Zak Manhire

‘I’ve been delighted by the way in which our staff have doggedly committed their experience and expertise to Problem Solving, with the sole aim of doing what they can to ensure the safety of those whose duty it is to continue to face the public, often at great personal risk.

‘It may be a drop in the ocean when you consider the lack of PPE and other issues that have been exposed in the media, but it’s what we can do – and we’re doing what we can – Problem Solving.’

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