Ranting Roger

Ranting Roger Offers Options Management’s Keurig Pods To UK’s Vending Operators

Ranting Roger: August 1 saw Options Management embark upon a new chapter in its continuing story, with a deal to become the authorised distributor of Keurig beverage capsules in the UK. The motivation behind the move is to provide fellow vending operators with a viable, more profitable offer for customers requiring a single serve beverage solution.

The Keurig deal is the latest in a long line of ground-breaking initiatives.

To make sure that message reaches its target, Options has made a unique addition to its marketing team of whom more later…

The ‘new appointment’ is hardly the first time that Options has delivered a ‘first’. Pretty much the first thing you encounter when you land on the company web site is a sign that says ‘Options Management are the fresh ideas in vending.’ It’s a claim that MD Paul Ure can easily justify: the Keurig deal is the latest in a long line of ground-breaking initiatives.

It’s thanks to innovation that The Potteries based outfit has become known as ‘the greenest company in vending’. ‘We pride ourselves on having that reputation’, Paul said. ‘We’ve been honoured to collect multiple awards for our environmental achievements over the years and our push towards a carbon neutral operation is one that we fully intend to achieve.’

Add to that the leading role played by the company in the thorny issue of paper cup recycling, via Save A Cup, and you’d need to be a pretty churlish commentator to argue with the ‘fresh ideas’ concept.

Meet Ranting Roger

But now, Options have raised the bar in the ‘fresh ideas’ stakes by completing that unique industry first. ‘I assume you’re talking about the new recruit in our marketing department?’ Paul says, and indeed I am. ‘Meet Ranting Roger’, he says.

Hard at work: Ranting Roger

It turns out that Ranting Roger is flat out on the boss’s desk and that’s not because he’s not so well, or he’s the worse for drink; it’s because Ranting Roger is a cartoon character and it’s drawings on the desk, not a person.

‘The thing about Roger is that he calls a spade a spade’, Paul says. ‘He doesn’t have to mind his p’s and q’s like I do, so if he sees something that gets on his nerves, unlike me, he can have a proper rant about it*.’

(*Yes, you did read that right. Ed.)

Roger’s debut post in his blog, (which, worryingly, is entitled ‘Rogered’), is all about the Keurig deal and true to Paul’s word, he does vent his spleen about certain other ‘single serve’ beverage solutions.

For instance, he writes: ‘The trouble with other pods we could mention is that any Tom Dick or Daisy can buy them at any supermarket and that’s a pain in the donkey for us because it means we lose a sale’. If you’re a vending operator reading this, that particular thought will resonate with you. And there’s more: ‘Don’t even get me started on the subject of Flavia!’, Roger rants. ‘I mean, we sell the machines for them and then they only go and miss us out by selling the drinks direct to our customers? I mean, what’s that all about?’

Ring any bells?

‘I thought I’d give Ranting Roger a chance to make something of himself,’

‘Ranting Roger’s actually been with us for some time, working as a sweeper-up in our warehouse’, Paul said. ‘But when I found out he had a way with words, I thought I’d give him a chance to make something of himself.’

And if that sounds surreal to you, all I can say is, ‘you should have been there’.


*Intrigued, baffled or amused? You can read the first issue of ‘Rogered’, by Options Management’s Ranting Roger, HERE.

*If you want to have a repeat business in single serve pods, you can order your Keurig supplies from Options Management, HERE.

More Options on PV is HERE

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