Through the Lookinglass! State of the art technology comes to AVA Live

Scobie McIntosh sent us this follow up story after Shard was exhibited for the first time at Vendex Midlands… PV would love to hear your comments and we look forward to seeing it for ourselves at AVA Live 2019 later in June.

…Spring’s Vendex Midlands saw the vending machine completely re-imagined at the Scobie McIntosh stand which unveiled the brand new, leading edge vending platform: Shard powered by Lookinglass®. Offering extra layers of functionality to vending and signage technology – with interactive signage including real-time consumer interaction, data capture, built-in connected social engine and content management system – Shard offers unprecedented opportunities when it comes to advertising and customer engagement.

This never seen before technology has the power to revolutionise everyday perceptions of vending machines and the industry as a whole. Unlike anything else at the show, the Scobie McIntosh stand wowed visitors with its demo screen showcasing the high-tech screen rolling ads that attendees could interact with. In developing Shard, the company collaborated with leading software engineering business Holograph, which specially developed the Lookinglass® interactive technology complete with FocusTrack™ technology. This futuristic screen can engage with potential customers from a distance and draw them towards it. What’s more, the software captures users’ dwell time, monitoring how long someone looks at a product or advert to gauge their interest. The experiential platform enables both vending and signage owners to utilise space for advertising, with up to 25 percent greater screen real estate compared with existing market alternatives.

AVA Live 2019

Visitors to the stand who interacted with the innovative tech said they were absolutely blown away by its sophistication plus the commercial and multi-functional added value it presents. Shard customers will benefit from increased ROI through receiving a percentage of advertising revenue from each of the machines.

From coffee and ice cream vendors, to train station and leisure centre operators, there were a large number of interested parties from a wide variety of business sectors.

AVA Live 2019

David Llewellyn, chief executive of the AVA, was particularly impressed with the design. He says:

It’s great to see Scobie McIntosh forging ahead in developing and showing how cutting-edge technology can be utilised in the vending market with Shard. We may be celebrating 90 years of the AVA but this is definitely shaping the future.”

Advanced and real-time hardware support management data such as vend failure rates, issues with the machine and negative machine interaction are also available.

Shard has the potential to elevate vending machines to a whole new level, helping businesses sell more products and engage users. It’s taking a modern leap forward using vending at its core and advertising and promotion as key drivers.

Shard will also be appearing at AVA Live 2019 in London on 14th June and it is currently available to order now. For further information contact or 0845 5040 466 option 3



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