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Today’s blog contribution comes from Kevin Egglesden – Tubular Systems – about SIM cards from a Vending Machine.

‘Today, having access to mobile phone communication is more necessary then ever before. The mobile device has become like a best friend and a source of comfort to many. Even more so when we are travelling away from home – our little pocket device can certainly make the world feel a smaller place.

Data is even more of a necessity then making calls or texts. We soon forget how much we rely on data when it is not there for us. Accessing our mobile phones to locate maps, translation websites, book plane tickets or search for things to see and so on.

Tubular Systems SIM cards vending machine

Then there is the issue of paying for expensive roaming charges when staying in the UK. Finding a preloaded local SIM card can be daunting, costly and takes up valuable time out of anyone’s visit.

We at Tubular Systems Limited have come up with a solution to make it easier for customers to get access to a SIM card.  We’ve developed a system selling preloaded SIM cards from a purpose built, unobtrusive and very contemporary looking self-service system. This system looks stunning in any hotel foyer, car rental location, service station, airport or ferry port.

The system includes nine translation screens to assist non English speaking customers. It accepts credit and debit cards plus Apple and Android contactless payment so allows instant access to preloaded bundled SIM cards.

Tubular Systems works closely with the main mobile phone network operators to provide SIM cards that are already preloaded and bundled with calls, texts and data. This make the purchasing of a SIM card very easy to understand and helps the customer know exactly what they will receive for their money

One of the best selling SIM packages currently on offer includes 300 UK call, 3000 UK texts and 12GB UK Data. The 12GB data allowance can be used in 42 countries meaning the customer can visit Europe, USA or Australia for example whilst still being connected.

We can generally offer better bundle packages then those sold in the high street (should you find any preloaded SIM card in the high street of course!)

Tubular Systems is seeing a massive (and growing) demand from inbound travellers searching for a competitive mobile data service. We are offering interested parties a new revenue stream, while also offering a useful service to the consumer.

Tubular Systems

If you are interested in trialling a machine and discussing further our SIM card proposition then please visit our website here. Or contact us through Planet Vending here


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