Sixty Second Pitches

Sixty Second Pitches: Let’s Keep The Wheels Of Business Turning

Sixty Second Pitches: We at PV are aware that the cancellation of all the significant trade shows in the vending, OCS and HoReCa sectors has dealt a huge blow to our industry.

Many new products and services were due to be launched during these events and the opportunity to present their features and benefits to customers old and new, cost-effectively and in a concentrated time frame, has been lost.

That’s why PV has decided to create a virtual sales platform, Sixty Second Pitches, which is designed to enable our readers, followers and clients to communicate effectively to a wide audience that remains eager to keep in touch with developments during this period of worry and duress.

We invite you to record a video ‘elevator pitch’ and send it to us. Here’s what we need from you, and what we’ll do to make sure that your video is brought to the attention of those customers who need to see it…

Sixty Second Pitches

  • Your video should be no more than 60 seconds duration and should conclude with a call to action
  • It must be recorded on a smart-phone
  • It should consist of one continuous ‘take’, with no editing, graphics or music – in other words, you’ll be ‘face-to-face’, delivering exactly the same ‘off the cuff’ presentation you’d make when delegates visit your show stand
  • Your video should be accompanied by no more than 100 words, aimed to persuade people to watch your video
  • Send your video by WhatsApp to 07435 561052. If you do not use What’s App, send to [email protected] via
  • Your 100 words should be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]
  • Your 100 words will be published on and they will be distributed
    • …Direct to our subscribers
    • …Via our Friday afternoon e-newsletter
    • …On the Planet Vending Facebook page
    • …On the Planet Vending Twitter feed.
  • Your preferred contact details and a link to your video will feature prominently
  • The video will be hosted on Planet Vending’s brand-new You Tube Channel, ‘Sixty Second Pitches’.
  • The cost for this service will be just £75. Planet Vending does not wish to profit from the current situation; this fee merely covers our expenses in administering the project, posting the videos and copy and optimising your contribution for the benefit of Search Engines

We believe that anybody with a smart phone can make an effective video without help, making Sixty Second Pitches entirely compliant with the present imperative to maintain social distance and where possible, to work from home.

Sixty Second Pitches. Let’s keep the wheels of business turning. If you have any questions, call Yvonne Reynolds-Young on 0161 714 4354.

Sixty Second Pitches



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Planet Vending’s Editor is Ian Reynolds-Young and it’s Ian’s unique writing talent that has made PV what it is today – the best read (red) vending blog in the world, and vending’s best read (reed). Ian ‘tripped and fell into vending’, in the capacity of PR executive, before launching a specialist agency, ‘reynoldscopy’, dedicated to the UK Vending business. The company continues to represent the interests of many of the sector’s leading brands.

‘It’s all about telling stories’, he says. ‘We want to make every visit to PV a rewarding experience. By celebrating the achievements of the UK’s operating companies, we’re on a mission to debunk the idea that vending is retailing’s poor relation.’

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