Taking A Tea Break

Taking a Tea Break Can Boost Your Mental Well-Being, New Research From BRITA Professional Reveals

Taking a Tea Break really is good for the soul, new independent research from BRITA Professional has discovered.

The fact that ‘Britain is full of tea lovers’ has never been in doubt. In fact, it’s estimated that Brits consume over 100 million cups of tea daily. The new research, carried out by 3GEM was conducted with 1,000 tea drinkers and 500 tea operators in the hot beverage industry during January 2020.

Almost two thirds of respondents agreed that Taking A Tea Break helped them to feel more relaxed, whilst nearly a half of them concurred that Taking A Tea Break helped them to calm down and reduce stress levels.

The finding are especially poignant given that a considerable proportion of the UK workforce is currently ensconced at home.

Taking A Tea Break can increase productivity

As well as being beneficial to consumers’ mental health, research also found that Taking A Tea Break can increase productivity with 41% agreeing that they are able to concentrate more on their work after a well-earned brew. What’s more, 38% said that after a cup of tea they were able to perform at a higher level.

Taking A Tea Break‘As we all continue to settle into the ‘new normal’ and spend more time at home, it’s more important than ever to look after our mental well-being’, Jane Pettigrew from the UK Tea Academy said. ‘ The research by BRITA Professional really shows that there’s nothing quite like a reassuring cup of tea. I would encourage all of those who are busy in their households to Taking A Tea Break regularly throughout the day and where possible, connect with others over a relaxing hot drink.’

Tea comprises just 4.4% of the average coffee shop sales mix

Interestingly – when compared to coffee – 46% of consumers do not believe the quality of tea is better in cafés than at home. Maybe that’s the reason that tea comprises just 4.4% of the average coffee shop sales mix, begging the question ‘what can businesses do to encourage consumers to drink tea out of home?

BRITA Professional’s new research provides a number of insights on how, once we all get back up and running, businesses can encourage tea drinkers that Taking A Tea Break in their establishments is a good idea, thereby increasing their revenue. The three parameters to consider are choice, quality and ambience.

  • Choice: While English Breakfast Tea is often seen as the most popular choice of tea at many cafés, coffee shops and hotels, 51% of consumers would be more likely to choose another type of tea out of home.
  • Quality: 46% of tea drinkers don’t believe the quality of tea is better in cafés than it is at home. In fact, 64% of tea operators believe the reasons for missed opportunities in the sector are the quality of tea used and 40% of them blame the lack of training in the art of making a good cuppa
  • Ambience: Of those that do enjoy a cup of tea out of home, 41% said the ambience of the location was one of the biggest drivers. Tea drinkers provide other opportunities too, as 60% of consumers typically make additional food purchases when they are Taking A Tea Break .

Taking A Tea BreakSpeaking about the research results, which are available in a new toolkit from BRITA Professional, entitledLife is Better Filtered: Business Vitali-Tea’, Sarah Taylor, Managing Director of BRITA UK, said ‘It’s clear that the majority of tea drinkers not only enjoy the taste but also the opportunity that Taking A Tea Break away from the stresses of work and everyday life provides.

‘The toolkit provides invaluable insights that could help businesses us the current down-time to strengthen their offering and come out on the other side of the crisis stronger than they were when it began’, she said. ‘By educating Brits in why having tea in a café, coffee shop or other business environment could be beneficial to their wellbeing, or why the quality of tea may be better out of home, the hot beverage industry has the potential to flourish in a whole new sector,’

In addition to the research findings, the new toolkit also features expert insights into the health benefits of Taking A Tea Break, the added benefits of doing so out of home and also top tips for hot beverage businesses aimed at attracting more business when they eventually re-open.’

BRITA Professional will be sharing selected top tips across their social channels over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you can read Life is Better Filtered: Business Vitali-Tea’, and even download it if you wish, HERE

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