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Vegan Vending Machine Debuts In Manchester

vegan vending machineA vegan vending machine has made its debuts in Manchester this week and it’ll come as no surprise to those who know the that its home is in Affleck’s Palace.

Affleck’s Palace first opened in 1982 by James and Elaine Walsh with an ethos of offering a safe environment for entrepreneurs to start out with affordable rent and no long term contracts. Unit holders operated under a licence agreement which allowed them to pay for space on a week by week basis. The atmosphere and colourful maze-like layout led to Affleck’s becoming a mecca for alternative culture. The establishment was able to bounce back from two building fires and overcame many obstacles.

Vegan vending machine

During the 1990s ‘Madchester Summer of Love’ period, when local bands like the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets were at the height of their popularity; Affleck’s Palace was a fashionable spot to get oversized flared jeans and tie dyed T-shirts and ‘Eastern Bloc’ was a popular record shop as it dealt in all the latest underground dance tunes of the time.

‘Brought to Afflecks by vegans Frankie & Henry, this machine is more than just your run-of-the-mill healthy food dispensary – it’s a place where you can get proper tasty vegan treats that are currently still only really found on some obscure website round the back of the Internet somewhere.’ That’s how the excellent web-site ‘Manchester’s Finest‘ has reported the latest innovation, continuing: ‘It’s the city’s first 100% vegan vending machine and they offer up an eclectic range of special treats including marshmallows, chocolate bars, crisps and cookies that you’re not going to find elsewhere in the city.’

Reportedly the machine is ‘massively popular, with people coming from far and wide to get their mitts on some of these hard-to-find vegan goodies.’

So, is this merely a passing fad or is it the consequence of a lifestyle change that’s only going to gain more traction? It’s a concept that you could easily imagine rolling out in Universities, for example. So, who’s ready to benefit from first mover advantage?

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