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Brian Kelly and John Bell

Bell Rings For Kelly As Vending Services Ltd. ‘Completes The Jigsaw’.

Vending Services Ltd, based in the West Lothian town of Livingston in Scotland, has announced the arrival of Brian Kelly in the role of Sales Director. Brian’s appointment to the burgeoning vending, water and food service provider has been hailed as an exemplar of Vending Service’s business-building ambitions.

‘Brian is the ideal addition to our personnel’, Director John Bell told Planet Vending. ‘We go back a long way; in fact we worked together at Coffee Point until Bunzl Vending bought the company in 2009. Between us, we’ve got more than 50 years experience to bring to customers in central Scotland, The Borders and beyond.

Vending Services‘Our entire philosophy as a vending machine supplier is based on delivering an excellent, caring service customers. This philosophy manifests itself in the form of quality products, reliable machines and smart, well-trained staff who care deeply about the job they do.’

Vending Services has tuned into the Scottish zeitgeist

Vending Services has tuned into the Scottish zeitgeist by promoting a large growing portfolio of healthy snacks and food. ‘We group them together as zones under the banner of ‘Healthy Living’, making it easier for customers to locate the product they want’, John said.

Similarly, Vending Services takes the issues surrounding recycling very seriously. ‘We work closely with a range of waste management solution companies’, John said, ‘and we embrace programmes such as Save-a-Cup. We also offer Fair Trade Coffees and Teas in the wide-ranging drink vending options we offer our clients.’

The company also has its own exclusive food programme, consisting of menus and products that have been created specifically for vending. ‘Our machines are always stocked by our own staff, not a subcontractor’, John said, ‘and that’s important to our customers because it ensures there’s just one business to be held responsible through all stages, from the kitchen to the customer.’

‘It’s an exciting time for me to come to Vending Services’, Brian Kelly told us. ‘The company has all the foundations in place to raise the bar for vending in Scotland and I’m really pleased that I’ll be a part of that. I’m also looking forward to working with John again. It feels a bit like getting the band back together!’

John concluded, ‘we really do have a fantastic team ready to deliver a fantastic service and in many way, Brian’s arrival is the final piece in the jigsaw.’


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