‘In 2019 We Laid Some Important Foundations: In 2020, We’ll Be Building On Them,’ says Rob Little

By Rob Little, MD, Smart Machines powered by Vendman

2019 was an interesting year for everybody at Vianet Smart Machines Powered By Vendman. Lots of lessons have been learned and a great deal of extremely useful feedback has been gathered; which means that 2020 will be the year in which our customers will begin to enjoy the benefits incumbent in Vianet’s acquisition of Vendman.

Over the past two years of bringing the two businesses together, we’ve seen positive change: our support team has almost doubled in size as some big changes to the way we work were made. The most significant of these was the introduction of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Help Desk system and the appointment of a new Customer Experience Manager.  This allowed us to manage the work we do for our customers more effectively, because it enabled us to prioritise the things that are having the greatest impact on our customers’ businesses.

Smart Machines
Rob Little

Then, we introduced a dedicated Technical Support Team with the task of creating a website to offer field workers, operators and engineers immediate access to the information and tools they need to install our devices, along with some useful tips and tricks for when things go wrong. This web site is now live and it’s been hugely well received for its intuitive navigation and its clarity of purpose.

Additionally, our new support website has enabled us to move away from re-active support by introducing a more pro-active set-up for the benefit of our customers.

So, where are we now? We have a dedicated team of field-based, highly qualified NIC EIC trained engineers, whose function is to complete site signal tests ahead of installations, thus ensuring the best solutions are always in place for our customers.

The introduction of two new Account Managers, Matthew Thornton and Kelly Fullard, along with our new Product Specialist – Paul Sansome – has seen the wider Smart Machines team grow even further.  Each new member brings a wealth of experience to the team and a burst of enthusiasm to drive us into what is set to be a huge year for both Vianet and their customers.

In short, we’ve already doubled our team and in the near future we’ll be adding to it again in the form of half a dozen newly created positions; because to deliver the best service in the business you need to have the best team in the business. A new team needs a new name: from now on, we’ll be known as ‘Vianet Smart Machines powered by Vendman’.

For us, 2020 is all about delivering a “One Source” insight platform to the industry that will provide key metrics/measures across the Vending, Service and Cashless/ Telemetry functions that we currently provide. The first piece of development that our customers will see in 2020 will be the release of our new Telemetry portal at the start of the year.

Exciting times! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and partners for their continuing support and to assure them all that all of us at Vianet Smart Machines powered by Vendman are dedicated to improving our products and services in order to give you even greater control over your business.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Yvonne Reynolds-Young

Planet Vending’s MD and Publisher is Yvonne Reynolds-Young. An island of corporate common sense surrounded by oceans of creative madness, Yvonne is the person to call if your intention is to make something happen. (She controls all the diaries and all the money, FYI). She’s also our Social Media Queen, single-handedly responsible for building PVs presence on LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter and thereby driving record volumes of traffic onto the site.

‘Customer service is my responsibility and it’s my job to make sure we’re always ahead of deadlines’ she says. ‘My background in big business means I speak the same language as our corporate clients and understand the particular pressures they face when working in the vending arena.’

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