What Price On Alistair and Richard Getting Comms Savvy?

It’s true: Alistair Price and Richard Allen of What Price Solutions  ( WPS ) have decided it’s about time they got comms savvy.

‘We’re proud of our record of delivering great results for our expanding portfolio of clients’, Alistair told PV. ‘Nevertheless we’re acutely aware that, where marketing communications are concerned, we’ve been living in the dark ages with next to no on line presence.’

Richard nods agreement. ‘We’ve traditionally been happy to encourage our client brands to handle their own communications, whilst we’ve stuck to our own traditional, tried and tested methods of getting their messages across.’

Alistair (L), and Richard

Now, though, enough is enough: WPS has launched a Facebook page, WPSforVending, and a Twitter account, @wpsforvending. Instagram is, you’ve guessed it – wpsforvending

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‘Yes, we’ve finally retired the carrier pigeons’, Alistair said. ‘WPS is in the business of introducing quality brands to the vending arena and helping them to succeed. We genuinely believe that there’s nobody out there better equipped to deliver that service. After all, we’ve been in the business for over 40 years, so there’s no one we don’t know – but that doesn’t mean we’re complacent: on the contrary, we have an active, experienced team on the road banging on doors every day.’

WPS will use social media to promote the brands they represent and also the monthly promotions that are on offer.

‘For example’, Richard said, ‘in October we’ve had a really successful promotion running, through Automatic Retailing Northern and Blakemore, in which for every 5 cases of Harrogate Water and Thirsty Planet charity water they purchased, buyers received an extra case, free. Burtons Fish ’n’ Chips 30 x 40gr packs have also been on offer via the same wholesalers.’

Next up for social media scrutiny is a new, ‘more rigid’ PET bottle from Harrogate Spring Water, which will be launched in January in conjunction with Automatic Retailing Northern.

‘We’re busier than we’ve ever been’, Alistair said, ‘but we still have the capacity to expand our portfolio, although having said that, the WPS policy will always be to avoid conflicts of interest by offering a wide range of brands that do not compete with each other.’

Messrs, Price and Allen will be at Vendex North on stand G8. They’ll happily bend your ear with details of their latest promotions or, if you’re new to vending, take you through what they can do to help you make an enduring impression.

More on WPS HERE

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